Welcome to our Mill and Studio

Mill Pricing

All prices include washing, picking and carding

Wool- $10/lb
​Exotics (alpaca, llama, mohair)- $12/lb
Fine Wool- Please contact us to discuss your blending and fine wool processing needs

All prices include picking and carding

Wool- $7/lb
Exotics (alpaca, llama, mohair)- $9.00/lb
Fine Wool- Please contact us to discuss your blending and fine wool processing needs

Please note, all washed fiber will be evaluated for cleanliness. It is our discretion as to whether it needs to be rewashed. A fee of $2.50/lb will be charged for rewashing. *

** We do not have a minimum, however we are a small batch mill and have a maximum of 25lbs per order. This allows us to keep turnaround times low. **

*** All orders will be evaluated when received. You will be notified before any processing begins if there is a problem.

**** Orders must be paid and scheduled for delivery within 30 days of completion, after 30 days it becomes the property of Angel Locks Fiberworks. Please contact us if we need to make other arrangements pastthe 30 days

​** All pricing is based on incoming weight **

We DO NOT offer skirting services. Any unskirted fiber is subject to be returned due to excessive vm or poo. 

ANY evidence of lice, scurf, heavy dandruff or moths, can NOT be processed.

​Please do not send any fiber that has been stored with mothballs. It will be returned immediately.