Welcome to our Mill and Studio

Important information about processing
When sending fiber for processing, please remember these things

1. The final product is only going to be as good as the material is that you send us. We do not offer skirting services. We will only except well skirted fleeces. Excessive vm, takes it toll on our machines.

2. PLEASE know what you are sending, look through it, feel it, take time to make sure it is sound. Staple length must be 3”- 7” . Too many short fibers makes for awful roving, 

3. Remember, all prices are based on incoming weight, why pay for vm, poo, and second cuts when you can take a little bit of time to get rid of that!

4. If you choose to wash your fiber before sending it, please do not rinse it with hair conditioner or any other product. Water is fine for rinsing, however if you feel you must cut the soap, try a dab of white vinegar. * please note all grease must be removed before it goes through our machines, therefore we reserve the right to rewash anything we feel will need it*

5. Our process is MUCH different than hand processing. Our machines allow us to process many pounds in a day, therefore, fiber need to be in good clean condition to keep the flow going and our equipment running smoothly.